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Unique Life Purpose


Are You Ready to Play Big?


Do you want to be well-paid for doing what you love? Whether it's getting your new book out, or helping you be the star in your next radio interview, or strategizing for more income or determining your unique gift, you will finally discover what it takes to be successful in your quest. You will inspire other people to want to work with you and you can make your Big Dream a reality today. Book a session right now!


In your dynamic 1 hr. session I will use the strategies I've used to get meetings with famous directors, Olympic champions and big studios executives. You will get the strategies that have helped my clients attract over 6 figures for their businesses. These potent strategies also helped me produce over 30 documentaries.


I was very lucky being able to interview thousands of top successful people. It was incredibly rewarding to film truly inspiring Life Stories for my 30 documentaries. From these films and and years of writing Hero Columns, I have distilled evidence from those top leaders and influencers. They have this in common.
They lived their purpose.
They fulfilled their True Destiny.

Doing those thousands of interviews, I have looked at the traits, characteristics and patterns of their amazing lives. I looked at the "truth" of their lives. One of those Documentary "Life Stories" enabled me to earn Producer of the Year. These Life Stories weren't just biographies. They were the unique essence of the person...their destiny.
Success rubs off. But Destiny is unique.


When I produced my documentaries, I would get into the "mindset" of the person so well, that people who knew and worked with the succesful person often thought that person had written the script, not me. I found I could say things in the documentary or write things the way the person I was filming did. I could speak their "personality" language. This enabled me to do a wonderful representation of their life and their life work. I can do that for you too, by looking at your Life Story and pulling out the unique elements that are keys to your true path.


Just as I make and design a film to be a visually stunning creation that causes a change in the viewer in 90 minutes or less, a strategizing session will empower you to set the intent of your new venture. so your idea can go out into the world, manifesting the specific result you set up.


On this hour long call, We will create the plan, the vision, the motivation, and most importantly the action steps and strategies so you can step across the line into your unique destiny.


Imagine how good you'll feel when you clearly see the beliefs that have held you back. Some of these beliefs are old and comfortable, others are uneasy and challenging, while still other beliefs are those that other people have "given" you. What you need to understand is that all these beliefs are something YOU control. When you receive and use easy to implement your Unique Life Formula Strategies that work specifically for you, you'll start to get the results you've been searching for. You can finally stop searching and really start enjoying your Big Dream. It's time to do this!


We'll dig for the treasure in your life together. And of course I can give you plenty of time-tested suggestions to create a knockout winning film or video to go with your vision. I will help guide you to discover your winning beliefs. On this call together, we will create an enormous focus with a clear productive plan for your success.


I encourage you to master your dream now. It's time to live the life you desire and have every second of your time infused with your true purpose. Let's get you on track and create the right plan to help you unlock the special power that YOU have within. My dream is to help you get over that line of success and reach your unique dream as soon as possible.


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Love and blessings,


Terri Marie


P.S. Your Life Purpose drives every decision, every thought and every result you have in your life. When you get that figured out, the rest takes care of itself.
Let's get started right away! I'd love to help.





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