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Soul Glow



Eye Don't Care

By Terri Marie


They gathered in the superdome
With hanging steel and floating chrome
To wait the start of a different game
Busting rules as she boldly came
Growing infamous was Katrina’s name


Wild dark and seething, earthly forces
Gathering momentum, changing courses
Not course of line but course of wind
Her first down damage would soon begin


The whistles screamed as she pounced on the field
Waiting within her gigantic eye shield
To defend the team in the last French Quarter
We wished and prayed her time would be shorter


All felt her power as she ate up the yards
The stands and the stadiums drawn into shards
Her attendant winds announced her arrival
As thunder clapped, they ran for survival


Yes on came Killer Katrina
The daughter of Neptune and sister El ñina
Blasted through our weakened defenses
In the onslaught fought her fight relentless


Into town she flew and raged
Wind driven, growing bolder with age
Tore up the turf in her touchdown quest
As she swelled and lifted her rising crest


She rode the clouds
From her heartless core
No matter who fell
Or who would implore


On the playing fields of New Orleans
The players were drowning, no ref was seen
All the world watched the tackled land go down
One time-out saw Katrina's fierce eye, ‘neath a deep, mean frown


Offensive gales in long charging drives wailed
Her waterboys multiplied, emptied their pails
We looked in her eye with her savage stare
And drew away when too much to bear


With each wet, strong, steady lunge
Into overtime she plunged
When her breath had passed, each team had lost
We paid the cold and bitter cost


Everyone played in Katrina's Game
And America grew up as we huddled that day
She had to drop her adolescent ways
With a defeated defense, the team drew no praise


When she left the town
The spectators came
But when they cried, “Stop her!”
Few came. What a shame.


From the west she drove, and then the south
Opened her huge insatiable mouth
Left drowned the deep and sorry South
Bitten by the Cyclops mouth


Air and water, fire and earth
Gathered force to change the home team’s worth
The human toll is what to count
On minds, on hearts where the tally mounts


The score at the end
At a loss to comprehend
But a chance to play
This game better perhaps...again