Terrie Marie

Getting to Success City

2005 By Terri Marie



How you can immediately change thought directions and make excellent choices.


You can drive your powerful mind, that coolest of vehicles, to Success City and avoid the Village of Defeat The mind is one of the hardest vehicles to master and control, but it is oh so powerful when you do.


Imagine a team of horses raring to go. They will take you anywhere you wish. You convey to those horses the correct direction thought a signal - the reins. The reins are your thoughts. You decide your goals by your main thoughts. Then the horses take off. The stronger your thoughts and the more passion behind them, the faster the horses will run.


The "horses of thought direction" are always with you. Imagine you are sitting in the dining room table eating breakfast. You begin to think about what someone did to you. Pretty soon you become angry because you perceive this as a wrong. Zoom. The horses take off. First the horses charge towards the City of Revenge, They might also take you to Victimville. You get angrier. The horses go faster. Pretty soon you're there. Anger Town in the State of Despair.


But what if you realized you were controlling the horses. What if you knew you would rather go to Success City? The only way to get to success City is to stop going to Victimville. You turn the reins of your thoughts to your exciting plans. You think of all the fun you'll have once you reach Success City.


Here is an example of thoughts to get you to Success City. Let's say you have a problem with your blood sugar levels.


Some diabetesidiverting thoughts to take you away from Sugarville.


* I love and take great care of my body.


* I can do this. I can become more healthy.


* I eat for excellent energy.


* Healthy foods are attractive and tasty to me


* I make excellent choices in every area of my life.


* Every time I inhale, I get healthier.


* I am filled with great energy.


* I take control of the foods I eat.


* My body processes foods easily and effectively


* I am the healthiest I have ever been


* I help give my body what it needs


* I choose food that my cells LOVE.


*I appreciate and love every cell of my body.


Now what if you say, "Oops. I just ate a no no food." Say, "That's Ok. I forgive myself. Everyone does that once in awhile. I will make a better choice next time. In order to do that, let me go out and take a class on Carb Control. I can meet with others who share my challenges. That will be very helpful to me." You go on from there.


It doesnt matter so much what you say, it's your energy behind it. The horses driving your thoughts can feel that energy. Ever had a horse sense you were afraid or not in control? Those horses are a lot harder to control because they sense your fear. Horses of "thought direction" get trained by your intent and emotion. You could say GO! Or you could train those horses to go on the command "Squezzle." After all, look at Harry Potter.


Your body is the most valuable vehicle you will ever own. It runs well by making good healthful food choices. It performs outstanding by filling it with the fuel it loves. Give it thought of abundant health, wealth and happiness.


P.S. Success City is a growing city with plenty of room for newcomers. In fact they would love to have you as part of their community. The citizens of Success City will lavish you with praise and rewards when you are within the Success City limits.


Remember who you are!


Terri Marie




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