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We are Ageless in Spirit


    We identify and judge people by their bodies.
    That causes a lot of misery and unhappiness.
    Age is not the person.
    Hair color and weight is not the person.
    Skin color is not the person.
    The person is timeless.
    Making people fit into a timeline of how many
    years they have been on the planet is a mistake of separation.

    People are a glorious infinite beings hidden
    temporarily in physical cases
    that do not need
    to be categorized or judged.
    What if you could really see beyond the physical form?
    What if you could see to the soul?
    What if you could look at the energy that is
    being projected by a person? Then you could decide more
    accurately whether to be with a certain person.

    Then you could see who might hurt you, hate you,
    judge you, or take your energy. You could also see who
    projects love, trust, and compassion.
    It would be far
    clearer of an assessment too than looking at only the body.
    A body allows us to receive info about them if
    we choose to see it that way. But looking at only
    the age, color or condition of the body makes
    it harder to project who we are.

    If others see only our structures, they might
    not see how beautiful we are inside.

    Let us look at interiors, not exteriors.
    Let us look for the light within others, not the
    dim reflection off the surface of the body.
    And let us let our own inner light shine right
    through out bodies so others can at least
    get a glimpse of who we really are.