Terrie Marie

Going Up For Change

"By Terri Marie


Change is happening all the time whether we want it to or not.

As you grow in consciousness you will want to choose to change

because you know by choosing what you change, your life WILL change.


Here's what happens when you try to make a big change in your life.

You are raising your energy, your vibration. Think of it as going up.

You're actually expanding and getting lighter at the same time.


When you make a big change you will have to leave something behind.

Perhaps you will have to leave some people that you are currently around that

aren't able to handle the new higher energies you've created.


Consider changes like working in a very tall building.

Let's say you are working for a very large company.

Then you get a big promotion. Your boss moves you up 20 floors.

You won't be working around your former fellow employees.

Those employees can't go up to that floor, because they aren't ready

to handle the responsibility and skills that you now have.

There is nothing wrong with these people, just that they are not ready yet.

They can't go where you are going. Let them stay at their comfortable level

but don't let them talk you into bringing you back down to where they

are or you will lose your new higher position.


Or another way to put it is let's say you took flying lessons.

You put in the time, money and developed yourself into a good pilot.

Now you can fly the plane.

You wouldn't want someone at the controls of the plane who hadn't put in

the time to learn how to fly, would you?


Or yet another example. Deep Sea Diving.

Let's say you practiced diving. You knew your gear inside and out.

You knew the safety procedures.

You knew what to do in emergencies.

You started with easy dives. Later you did many dives with experienced

guides teaching you.

It would be insane for you to invite your friends

along on a dive if they hadn't been being ready or prepared to go to those depths.


Abundance is that way. If you want more prosperity in your life,

you will need to prepare for it. You will need to change somethings.

If abundance does come to those who are not ready,

it will be like one of those above situations.

Those who have not built the nest for money, that I talk about in the Money Mirror System will likely not either get abundance nor keep it.


But if you accept and develop an attitude of change for the better,

you can handle better things and experiences.

You can learn to handle the essence of things like Prosperity.


Change and it is yours!


Remember who you are!


Terri Marie




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