Terrie Marie

The Hero and the Cheerleader

2011 By Terri Marie

How to Create a Winning Combination in Your Game
Part 1.


Which came first the hero or the cheerleader? I talk about both the hero and the cheerleader in my book Be the Hero of Your Own Game.


Unlike the chicken and the egg, I believe the cheerleader comes first, And I will tell you why. This game of life is getting VERY intense right now. And it will become even more so - like the game musical chairs where it becomes faster and faster and it's harder to get a seat.


As the game speeds up, a cheerleader will help keep you focused, keep reminding the subconscious that you are there to win the game and exactly what steps to do to win it with each cheer that is cheered. The hero takes the action.


The MA Formula


You need both Motivation and Action to succeed



MA creates massive success.

If MA ain't happy you don't win the game!


I think an even better description of Hero is the word itself.

Hero is both "He" and "Her".

It is a marriage of the male and the female.

Heroes need to be a bit bigger than life to win.

And every one of you is much bigger than the game of life.


Traits of Heroes

* Heroes know the value of time

* Heroes keep going

* Heroes surround themselves with players better than they are

* Heroes step up to the plate


Traits of Cheerleaders

* They have lots of positive energy

* They promote their teams

* They do only one cheer at a time

* They Motivate and encourage others

* Take risks

* They wow the crowd


When you give strong positive message in an upbeat manner the way a cheerleader does your subconscious mind which spurs the hero to action will find a way to bring the ball of opportunity to you.


Remember who you are!


Terri Marie




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