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Facebook is a Garden:
Lessons from Facebook

2010 By Terri Marie



With 500 million users now on Facebook, you probably are too. Facebook's phenomenal rise shows us how hungry we are for connections. When I started tracking Facebook's rise in The White Wing Report two years ago, Facebook was barely beating Myspace at around 200 million users. Last year Facebook had almost 300 million users. Now Facebook has left Myspace in the dust as far as numbers go, (although Myspace is still great for user like musicians.)


It's Time to Bloom! What I see is that Facebook is like a garden, a place where people can bloom. We can see acres of individuals all posting on the things most important to them. We can connect with people we wouldn't otherwise meet and appreciate the beauty of each other. We can learn about things we wouldn't otherwise know about and grow faster. We can start groups and bloom together. It's all exciting and makes for a very colorful garden.


Like any garden though, it will need tending to bear good fruit. You can't water one day, then neglect the garden for weeks. The beautiful seeds you planted will die. If you post a great thought then go away, people move on to admire other flowers. And once the plant starts sprouting up, you need to protect it from weeds and bugs. That just means being diligent. Sometimes people post some inappropriate things on my page. All I have to do is pull them out, but I need to do this quickly before they choke out the new growth. And I'm always careful to not open messages with a YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! or even a risque sort of headline. It's usually spam.


All in all, I love walking around the garden that Facebook has created around the world. Friends from everywhere can congregate anytime and share their thoughts, feelings, photos and inspiration with me. And I am the richer.


Here are Three Powerful Lessons from Facebook.


1. You have the Power to Influence Millions. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an idea as powerful and far-reaching as Facebook? You do. Whenever you use the power of Love, you lift up your life. But what you might not realize is that every bit of love you add to the planet, helps all of us. The more love you create, the better life is for EVERYBODY. I'd say that is immeasurably more powerful than even Facebook.


2. What You Say Gets Around. That's a pretty good reason to spread the things you want people to remember about you or assocIate with you. Things you post on Facebook are there in digital space "forever." And people will notice both a good post and a mean or negative one. So when my great-great-grandchildren look up things about my life, I want to have them find something that shows some good character and will be helpful to them, not embarassing.


3. People are Hungry for the Real You. People join Facebook to look for those people or groups that can add to their lives. Some people want to add more friends. Some want to talk about hobbies. Some want to spread the word about their passions. All these are great reasons to get on the Facebook bandwagon. But what really connects people to you and your message is when you share who you are. Your real friends like you for that very reason. They get to see the real you. The real you shines and blooms. It's something we all want to look at. You can only bloom into the fruit that you are.


When you plant the seed of who you are and nurture it, that beautiful seed has no choice but to bloom. Look at life around you as a lesson from Facebook. Bloom magnificently my friend!


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Spread your blossoms dear one. We need you!


Terri Marie


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