Terrie Marie

The Sedona Path

2009 By Terri Marie


Recently I took a hike in the beautiful red rocks surrounding Sedona.
All along the path are pikes of stone markers
just to make sure you stay on the path.


There really are markers placed along the spiritual path.
Sometimes we see the next marker.
Sometime we don't.
But they are there.


Sometimes we are paying such close
attention to what's going on around us
that we miss a critical marker, get lost
and have to come back.


Often we just have to step out in faith
that another marker will be there for us.


Those markers are put there for us on our path:
the spiritual path designed specifically for us.


You can never lose a marker, although you can lose sight of one.
It is your path.
You are the only one to walk it.


Meanwhile...Let the path take you toward your destiny.


Remember who you are!


Terri Marie




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