Terrie Marie

Be a Transistor

2009 By Terri Marie


There are resistors and there are transistors. What does a resistor do? They stop the flow of some form of energy.


What does a transistor do? They allow the flow of energy to easily pass through.


How do resistors stop the flow? They throw a belief or two in the way. When an opportunity comes, a resistor will pull out as quickly as possible a belief such as, "Good things never happen to me." or "There must be something wrong with this (i.e. if it was given to me.) Someone is trying to con me." By all means use good judgment but open yourself to the great abundance of life trying to get to you.


Being a transistor is so much easier once you let go of resistance. Being a transistor allows you to deal with the massive flow of new energy that needs to be assimilated.


"Re" means going backward, going against, or "re"acting. It often involves doing over. (I don't know about you but I've got plenty to do as is without having to do anything over.)


"Trans" means on the other side of, beyond. Transistors are used as amplifiers of signals. There are a lot of signals today if we pay attention to them.


Let the transistor in you allow energy to quickly move through. Move your own beliefs and other's beliefs out of the way. As you clear your resistance, a miraculous new energy flows through you and out into your life and the world.


And that feels great!


Meanwhile...don't resist...persist. Insist and enlist yourself in God's work. God loves to transmit through you. There is a lot to be done and you are needed.


Remember who you are!


Terri Marie




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