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  • The Heart of Skiing $24.95  Great ski champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Stein Eriksen gives a lifetime of excellent skiing advice. Filmed in Deer Valley Resort, Utah. www.amazon.com

  • Luna

  • The Legendary Skier $24.95  Stein Eriksen's life story. From his skiing start in Norway to winning his first Gold Medal and becoming known as the Father of Freestyle Skiing


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    One of the greatest skiers of all time, Olympic Gold medalist and 3 time World Champion Stein Eriksen and Producer Terri Marie at Stein's 80th birthday at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, Deer Valley Utah



    Stein Eriksen and Terri Marie

    Inspirational Short Films


  • Father's Day Movie  A tribute to father's everywhere

  • Hero Movie  For the Hero in Everyone


  • Great Love Movie  A tribute to Big Love!

    Remember who you are!


    Terri Marie




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